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Just some of the benefits of using Hiring Pros:

Low cost

We have programs that start at less than the cost of running a help wanted ad in print or online. Typically agencies charge 30% of annual salary. Not us. We only charge you for the value and time of the service we provide, so depending on the program you go with rates typically range from 2.5% - 10%. Just ask us for a quote. Quotes are always free.

You pay us nothing until you hire

We will search, advertise and recruit for your ideal candidate. We will set up appointments for you to meet shortlisted candidates or forward the list to you so that you may set up an interview. Unless you hire our candidate you owe us nothing. You can reduce the fee by pre-paying, but that is strictly up to you. Once we’ve earned your trust, this can save you 20-30% off our already very low fees.

Every hire is guaranteed

Every hire you make from Hiring Pros is guaranteed. If the candidate we provide does not work out in a specific time frame, then we will hire again for you at no charge. Guarantee periods range from 30 days to 6 months depending on the hiring package you purchased. This can save you a lot of money in additional fees, advertising costs etc.

Personal service

Your “Hiring Pro” will be your one point of contact to look after all your hiring needs.


We provide a wide range of hiring services ranging from basic recruiting, search, advertising, and shortlist services up to full recruitment packages that can include proficiency, personality and psychological testing; partial or full background checks such as criminal, education and employment, and credit history reports.

Hiring a pro always makes sense

Like in anything you want done right, you should always hire a pro. We can do it faster, more efficiently and our daily experience with hiring means we know what we are doing. Because of our efficiencies you save a lot of money over hiring by yourself. You don’t need to buy expensive print or online ads, you don’t need expensive agencies, and you don’t have to spend your time sifting through resumes. You won’t have to waste your time calling candidates, doing reference and background checks and figuring out which questions to ask or what to look for to get the answers you want to make the right hire.

Leave it to us and we will take the pain out of hiring and get you the right person for your team.